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You want to be a Game Changer and you’re still seeking for a problem that really challenges you? Then you are welcome to FabSpace, where we collect biggest challenges from corporates and local authorities, which they won’t tell you. You should have an instant look to one of these promising fields of applications dealing with global changes.

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We offer you access to FabSpace activity where you can get access to our Space Science Shops. This virtual markets are connected on european level and gather challenges submitted by corporates and other institutions. You can claim your challenge easily by joining us. FabSpace Germany is hosted at the Univserity of Darmstadt. It's a place where students, researchers and external people can make use of their ideas.

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Make your first step to interesting corporate challenges. The only thing you have to do is to sign up with your email address now. We don’t need additional information from you at this stage but you will be strongly connected withFabSpace.

We are FabSpace 2.0

FabSpace 2.0 is a EU project will provide a new free-access service and place (FabLab) dedicated to collaborative Geodata-driven innovation in 6 European universities. For Germany it’s hosted at Technical University of Darmstadt supported by the ESA Business Incubation Centre managed by cesah GmbH. These two institutions are in charge for all local FabSpace activities. You’re kindly invited to visit us personally to find out what might help you. All for free no strings attached, because the project is funded by European Commission and we are dedicated to support you.

Sascha Heising

Projektleiter, cesah GmbH/ESA BIC Darmstadt

Md Bayzidul Islam

Projekt Manager, TU Darmstadt

Years of experience, access to a big network

Both institutions Technical University of Darmstadt and cesah GmbH are well known institutions in the field of Geodesy, Earth Observation and Geospatial Technologies and incubating start-ups. There are years of experiences you can build up here. Our members worked in this field for decades. On top of that we have an wide access to a network full of experts from public authorities, corporates and scientist. Backed by the European Space Agency (ESA) there is a wide range of knowledge we can provide to help you start your own project.

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